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ADAS Calibration

N2 Auto Care uses the very latest Digital ADAS Calibration Technology.
Our modern ADAS calibration system is the newest on the market and compared to the older Analogue systems our digital technology offers superior calibration accuracy.


All our professional ADAS Engineers are fully certified for vehicle calibration and with IMI accreditation AOM230. We are IIR complaint for the safe repair of ADAS equipped vehicles.

Our system calibrates your vehicle to the manufactures standard, getting you back on the road as soon as possible.

A growing number of vehicle models are now being supplied with modern safety systems like distance guidelines, lane tracking assistant, or night vision assistance. With our equipment we can service and calibrate these systems which covers all the appropriate vehicle manufacturer brands. With the ADAS calibration equipment, modern driving assistance systems can be tested and calibrated in no time at all in accordance with original manufacturer conditions.

Causes of system calibration requirement

The system has to be calibrated if the following situation, instances or faults have arisen. Fault no or incorrect setting is stored by one of the Adas control units.

  • The Adas control unit has been renewed
  • The windscreen has been removed or renewed, calibration of the camera is paramount.
  • The wheel alignment has been adjusted.
  • Work which has changed the vehicle’s ride height has been carried out on the vehicle’s running gear. Ie steering and suspension repair and maintenance.
  • Accident repair.

Body Shop Solutions

  • Collection and delivery service
  • Wheel alignment report
  • ADAS Pre-calibration report
  • ADAS Post-calibration Report
  • Drop-Off Collection Service and allocated waiting area

Common Warnings we can FIX

  • ACC inaudible


  • ACC  de-activated


  • Pre-sense fault

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