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Air Conditioning


  • Because up to 10% of the refrigerant is lost every year
  • Because, otherwise the compressor oil supply is no longer guaranteed
  • Because humidity in the system can cause expensive repairs

The benefits of Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning offers you luxury and security each season. A comfy temperature in the summer time gives you a better level of focus while driving. It is vital to keep your air con functioning all year round. A consistent check is essential; it also avoids harm to your vehicle. Visit N2 Auto Care to find out how the current condition of your air con is.

Automatic Gearbox Servicing

  • 7 and 8 speed

  • DSG Gearboxes

  • Transmission Servicing

  • Semi-automatic

Battery Testing

The battery’s main job is to offer the electrical power required to start your vehicle’s engine. N2 Auto Care can test any faulty car batteries and replace if necessary.

Battery Testing

Car Sales & Servicing

N2 Auto Care offers sales and service assistance to guarantee every customer gets the best vehicle to suit their specific needs. All vehicles are fully examined / serviced before sale and all vehicles come with a full warranty.

Clutch Replacements

Our skilled mechanics are highly proficient in replacing your clutch properly. N2 Auto Care offers our clutch repairing services from qualified and accomplished experts. Our garage is fortified with state of the art equipment that helps us find the faults with your vehicle asap.

Elite Cars Crash Repairs

Our garage caters for Crash Repair Services for high end vehicles only in Co. Meath for all kinds of crash repairs from a slight bump in a car park to major accident. We can repair any damage and insurance work.

Ev Servicing & Repairs

Coming soon!

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Full Diagnostics Reporting

N2 Auto Care can run a fault finding diagnostic check as part of your motor repair. You can relax, knowing that we will be methodical with our high end diagnostics. Vehicle diagnostics should be a consistent part of your vehicle care routine for the safest driving and best performance from your vehicle.

Gearbox Replacements

N2 Auto Care covers all makes and models of vehicles. If you drive a commercial van or car, we can fix or replace your gearbox without delay. We cater for repairs and replacement for manual and automatic gearboxes.

Headlight Alignment

Headlights are one of your car’s most vital safety features. Therefore it’s imperative to guarantee that your headlights are properly aligned, both for your own security and the protection of other drivers.

Hybrid Servicing & Repairs

N2 Auto Care's team of highly trained engineers are fully certified for hybrid vehicle servicing and repairs. 

NCT & VTN Testing

N2 Auto Care cater for NCT & VTN Testing we can repair any problem that has arose in your NCT or DOE test.  Simply bring your vehicle into us with your paper work and we can get to work getting you back on the road safely again. Covering everything from your vehicles brakes, lights, tyres, clutch, steering and seatbelts.

TPMS Servicing

When a tyre fitted with TPMS is removed, manufactures highly recommend servicing or replacing the TPMS valve. This is done because the valves are subject to chemicals and road salt during the winter and can be effect by metal fatigue over time.

Benefits of servicing TPMS

  • Servicing TPMS valve maintains the functionality of the sensors, which ultimately:
  • Extends the life of the sensor, and avoids the added cost of replacement
  • Save money by increasing fuel efficiency and prolonging tyre life
  • Improves road handling and safety, and reduces CO2 emissions
  • Guarantees and all tight seal when a new tyre is fitted.

TPMS Valves, Sensors, Replacement and Re-Calibration & Re Programming

Tracking & Alignment

Why should customers Have Wheel alignment carried out:

Many motorist over look wheel alignment and see it as an unnecessary cost because they don’t understand the benefits for less than the cost of a tyre. Customers can extend the life of their tyres, prevent rapid premature uneven wear and increase fuel efficiency.

Also ADAS calibration when wheel alignment has been adjusted. Work which has changed the vehicles ride height any work that has been carried out on steering suspension and running gear. We also carry out a steering angle reset after alignment.

Tyres & Wheel Alignment / Balancing

N2 Auto Care specialise in quality tyres for 4x4's, cars and light commercial vehicles. We can fit, balance and align at competitive rates.

Windscreens/ Autoglass Replacement

When we replace your windscreen or if it has been removed or renewed we carry out ADAS calibration of the camera.

Windscreens/ Autoglass Replacement

When we replace your windscreen or if it has been removed or renewed we carry out ADAS calibration of the camera.