Servicing your car's air conditioning system

An oftentimes overlooked area of vehicle maintenance is the air conditioning system.

While checking tyre tread depth, changing a vehicle’s oil and making sure the engine is regularly serviced has become a ubiquitous ritual of car ownership, air conditioning system maintenance often seems to fall by the wayside.

However, regular air conditioning check-ups can ensure a comfortable drive but also help prevent humanity within the vehicle. Excessive vehicle humanity will inevitably lead to expensive repairs.
Air conditioning check-ups also ensures the compressor oil supply is operating effectively and helps save on lost refrigerant– lost refrigerant can lead to an excessive annual spend on fuel.

 How do I know if my Air-Con needs to be serviced?

Like any component on a vehicle, an unusual or strange sound is often the first indicator that something is amiss.
We recommend, turning the car on and turning the air conditioning to its maximum setting. This test ensures that the air conditioning system is actually operating but it also makes any unusual sounds unmistakable.
When the air conditioner is fully on, air should be blowing out of the vents at high pressure and this air should be icy cold.
Issues like a strange sound, poor air pressure or the air not feeling as cold as it should be are likely indications that the air conditioning system needs to be serviced by an expert.

What does an air conditioning service include?

N2 Auto Care offers a range of air conditioning service packages. These packages can be fully customised to the individual needs of the vehicle. However, every air conditioning service will usually entail:

- A full recharge of the refrigerant
- A vacuum test, which checks and identifies any leaks within the system
- Refilling the system’s lubricant
- A comprehensive anti-bacterial clean
- Removal of all moisture within the system

How often should a car’s air conditioning system be serviced

It has been estimated that a vehicle’s air conditioning system will lose about 10% of refrigerant annually. With this in mind, it’s extremely important to have your air condition system serviced at least once a year.

If you have any more question on vehicle air conditioning servicing or you’re interested in inquiring about pricing, get in contact with our offices today or view our car air conditioning page. 


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